New York to consolidate its database management services

August 26, 2013

Within New York, there are more than 120,000 state employees and 50 data centers capable of doing a variety of tasks like video conferencing or creating tape backups, according to ComputerWorld. However, a lack of collaboration within parts of the state made it impossible for all offices to be on the same page.

When local governments are using different programs or approaches to improve their data processes, it becomes hard to manage in the long run.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to open the Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) as a way to fix this issue among state workers. Through OITS, Cuomo hopes that there will be two centralized data offices by 2015. He asked 3,300 professionals from 37 agencies to help with the transition process. It will be a while before all of the state's records will be capable of interoperability through every department.

Once the state completes the OITS offices, New York employees will have one centralized network allowing staffers to communicate with one another and share important files—the state expects to save $3 million in recurring costs from the facility. New York's situation demonstrates that support for a change in records management has to begin with senior staff.

If people are not on the same page during the bulk scanning or data capture, how will bureaus within a business truly see the benefits of document management services?

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