New Jersey police departments implement collaborative data processes system

October 18, 2013

When businesses consider switching their database management services, they need to consider some long-term goals. Can the program be accessed from the cloud? Do they want to share it with other partners? Is it possible to expand the system?

Health care practices and governments, for example, have to answer these pressing questions because switching from paper records to electronic takes time—starting over is often the last thing on their minds. In Camden County, New Jersey, a team of police departments are rolling out a new cloud-based database management system that will allow record sharing and a real-time log of arrests and warrants.

“All the cooperating police departments chipped in for hardware and each purchased their own software,” Bellmawr Police Chief Bill Walsh told the Courier Post. “The savings are tremendous when you purchase as a group and you split costs involved with building your infrastructure to support the project.”

After 2014, officers from 12 departments within Camden County will be able to submit reports during their shift and access all calls to service. Since adoption began, only Bellmawr and Oaklyn police departments have made the switch to the new cloud-based database management system.

“The towns in the past would have all different types of records management systems and rarely could they share data,” Walsh added. “This new system allows all the departments and their officers to share their data.”

Oaklyn Police Chief Joe Abbate looks forward to the new program because it “increase[s] officer visibility.” If a patroller sees criminal activity occurring outside their jurisdiction, all he or she has to do is mention the details into the system. Thus, increasing response time and lowering crime rates in the area.

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