New dual-scanning technology released by Samsung

February 12, 2013

When scanning documents, a major time-drainer is turning documents over to import both sides of a paper if it is double-sided. But now, a new Samsung scanner has been introduced to add dual-scanning technology, allowing businesses and scanner services to increase efficiency and save time. 

Last week, Samsung Electronics America announced in a press release the new line of CLX-8640ND and CLX-8650ND models will be color A4 scanners with the ability to scan both sides simultaneously. As a result, scanning is completed 1.5 times faster.

“Our new A4 product line with dual-scan technology delivers an additional level of efficiency that our customers have come to expect from Samsung MFPs,” Tod Pike, the senior vice president of Samsung Enterprise Business Division, said in the release. “With this launch, we are well positioned to deliver innovative technology to our dealers while helping customers spend less time completing simple tasks.” 

In addition to dual-scanning, the machines will also offer a touch screen to complete tasks or cancel orders, and uses less energy than previous models. Both the CLX-8640ND and CLX-8650ND use 35 percent less electricity to operate and use high-yield polymerized toner.

While the technology helps scan and print pages more quickly, so many businesses are going paperless that investing in a high-tech scanner may not be worth the thousands of dollars in the long run, with many files beginning as a digital copy. Instead, for businesses with high volumes of paper looking to go all-digital, new dual-scanning options will likely cut down on the time it takes for documents to be scanned by bulk scanning services. 

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