More offices favor simplicity, collaboration

June 19, 2013

As a large portion of the workforce is expected to retire in the next decade, baby boomers, and members of Gen Y, or the Millennials, are taking their place, how business gets done is evolving as well. Younger workers that have grown up with many of the technologies businesses use today, including tablets, smartphones and telecommunications, expect these same resources to be used in an office setting. Because of this, the way companies are run are also changing. 

When Cassidy Turley, a commercial real estate firm, was changing offices, a number of Millennial employees served on the committee to find a new space. With the newer mindset, the company chose to go with a smaller location in a more downtown setting in Minneapolis. The new office, an article in TH Online said, was built with the intention of having fewer closed off cubicles, and more meeting and collaboration spaces. This way, employees were able to communicate with each other, and had a more flexible workspace.

"Walls throughout the space shift and collapse so that meeting rooms can be easily converted into open space for receptions," the article said. "A sound-masking system constantly monitors noise levels and adjusts them accordingly. And storage space was minimized to promote a paperless office — there are only two printers in the space. All told, there are only three private offices."

At the same time, for other offices that are choosing a more collaborative and open environment, the necessary tools can make this transition easier. By working with a document scanning service, companies can move all information into a digital form, allowing for the stronger communication and more flexibility Millennials expect.

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