Medical labs can further their document management services

August 7, 2013

Advances in the medical field take years of research, often creating many samples. Putting that information at risk can be detrimental to any practice. Hours of analyzed data from consented participants could leave the laboratory without notice. Lost data processes can set a team of lab technicians behind many years.

Legally, the contents of each document must be in the facility’s control, according to European Hospital. If results for a specific test did not work for one study, it has the potential to apply to another. Even in cases where the file is no longer needed, it is required to keep at least one copy.

Moving many data entry services onto an online network gives researchers the flexibility to read their notes and analyze recent tests outside of the laboratory. Because these individuals involved in the research process are doctors, they have familiarity with electronic document management services like digital health records.

The issue is that many electronic document management services meant for laboratories do not include as many fields as EHRs have. Author of the European Hospitals article, Dr. Markus Neumann, wrote that a lack of quality management outweighs the benefits to the laboratory.

Neumann explained that manual steps like, “the user has to display any new document to map its content to a position in the laboratory’s document tree before importing it to the local system,” is hurting the potential of records management systems.

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