Managing records means managing information

June 11, 2013

Even with a growth of digital tools for businesses to keep information electronic and easily organized, many offices continue to find themselves with a wealth of records, both in paper and digital form. For companies that have a heavy load of documents, it's important to have a strong records management system in place, not just to keep the files secure, but because, as records analyst Jeffery Lewis explains in a recent AIIM blog post, companies are really managing knowledge. 

In his post, Lewis says that without a strong knowledge management system, time is often wasted finding information or "reinventing the wheel," if businesses do not document how they came to a decision or creation.

Additionally, he explained, with a strong records management system, employees can focus on their task at hand, instead of worrying about trying to remember everything that goes into a project.

"When knowledge management is done right people do not need to hoard information out of fear of not being able to find it again or gaining access in a timely manner," he wrote. "The goal of knowledge management is to add convenience to finding knowledge so that people do not have to over-retain reference materials and also to educate them on all why all knowledge cannot be retained indefinitely."

While it's easy to understand why investing in a strong records management system is important, actually getting to that point is another story. However, by partnering with a document scanning service to digitize information in an organized and efficient manner, allowing offices to benefit from the saved time and energy.

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