Los Angeles Dodgers roll out paperless ticketing service in 2014

February 3, 2014

In the United States, sporting events contribute millions of dollars to the American economy. Restaurants, bars and retailers rely on these opportunities to boost sales. While the Super Bowl was expected to bring $500 to $600 million to New York City and the New Jersey Meadowlands, a local radio station in the Garden State noted, football is not the only sport that brings large amounts of revenue.

Not too far from now, Americans will be flying all over the United States to visit Major League Baseball spring training facilities. As the second most popular American sport after football, they too have to find ways to reduce costs, while improving the customer experience. If you’re a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, be prepared to rack up loyalty points with its new ticketing service.

Instead of carrying small slips of paper to Dodgers Stadium, customers will be able to look at the view of their seats from their phone or computer, thanks to the team’s paperless ticketing system.

“Paperless tickets are part of our heightened efforts to enable Dodger fans to manage their season seats better than ever,”Dodgers’ President and CEO Stan Kasten said in the press release. “The benefits include: receiving your tickets sooner, being able to print them at home or at your office, the ease of transferring them to family, friends, business associates or clients with free forwarding, and the ability to use them via your smart phone to enter the stadium.”

The Dodgers will join 17 other MLB clubs that have already made the switch from paper tickets to a paperless ticketing system. As a way to keep things local, the franchise decided to partner with TDC ProVenue, a California-based ticketing platform.

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