Legal Document Scanning Providers

May 8, 2019

Having a solid legal scanning partner can make a world of difference when the need arises.  Many vendors can scan documents to PDF/TIF but, not all can readily generate the load files, bates stamp, perform project specific unitization while adhering to quick turnaround requirements. That’s where Tab Service Company’s legal scanning services comes in. We have a large library of load file generation tools to assist with your legal scanning needs. The robust software we implement allows us to adjust many different settings to meet each project’s unique needs. Whether it’s sorting through and defining document specific breaks, automating the index or creating an OCR text file in a quick and cost-effective process, we are your legal document scanning partner. Tab Service Company was recently contacted by a large Chicago-based company that needed over 40,000 pages of documents to be unitized scanned and delivered with a Concordance load file in under a week’s time.  Within 2-3 hours of the inquiry a competitive quote was generated at a much lower rate than any other offers the interested firm had received.  Just 24-hours later the pick-up was made and work was underway.  Within one round of sample review sessions the output met client’s specifications and processing continued.  The work was completed in time and the hard copies were reassembled and hand delivered before the estimated due date and for a price unmatched by other vendors. Take the time to research a trusted legal document conversion provider. Make sure their legal scanning services can meet your project’s needs and check references. Tab Service is a valued litigation scanning partner with a proven track record in legal document production that can be in your back pocket when the need arises.