Judge requires school system to digitize records for more transparency

June 17, 2013

For the most part, businesses often choose to go paperless or invest in bulk scanning services as a way to improve efficiency and security. However, there are other benefits and reasons that an organization may choose to go digital, and in one case, it was legally required of them.

An article in The Journal News this month explained that when 400 taxpayers in East Ramapo, a town outside of New York City, complained that tax dollars were going not to the public school system, but instead to private schools in the area, the judge in charge of the case ruled that the school district must digitize student records and tax information before the lawsuit can take place.

The district is currently in the middle of deciding on a budget for next year. If the proposed budget passes its upcoming second vote, a number of teaching positions and other educational programs would be cut, the news source said. Added on the legal fees from this lawsuit, the school district is expected to have to figure out other ways to make up the funds.

The school district recently voted on a document scanning service to digitize student records. While this change wasn’t enacted until the district was legally required to do so, other schools, and organizations, can avoid having to wait until there is an issue before outsourcing to a bulk scanning service. By having all information and data in the digital form, organizations can protect themselves in the case of a legal battle by quickly showing that funds are accurately accounted for, and not, as this district has been accused of, misused.

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