IBM plans on spending billions between 2014-2015 to expand data center network

January 27, 2014

Businesses may be working on increasing their efforts to be more wired into the digital grid. Tech giant IBM has its own plans to expand its data processing capabilities as well.

One of IBM’s largest moves in 2014 is relocating super-computer Watson to New York City, which will require a $1 billion overhaul to design another business unit. However, the biggest project the company has planned goes beyond North America’s borders — installing over 40 global data centers across five continents, Forbes Magazine reported.

The business’ plan to expand their network of global data centers had a lot to do with its purchase of Softlayer last year, further improving IBM’s cloud computing capabilities during a time where the demand to be secure and wireless that much more valuable. In 2014, at least 15 data centers in Asia, Europe, the United States will be installed.

Depending on how fast installation goes, IBM hopes that its Softlayer systems can make a presence in Latin America and the Middle East. If anything, that is IBM’s plan for 2015.

“We talked about the plan for months,” IBM Softlayer CEO Lance Crosby told the news source. “This is something we turned to immediately at the time of acquisition last July.”

Although IBM has been a part of the information technology industry for many years, expanding their data storage centers is not easy. Such was the case for Crosby was Softlayer was a startup, “it took [them] eight years to put 15 centers online.”

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