How workers can optimize office space

August 21, 2013

Even though the American economy is improving, it is becoming increasingly expensive to run a business in the United States. Instead of eliminating office-wide perks, why not switch database management services?

There are many benefits of going paperless in the workplace. A digital storage system will increase work space within the office. What was once a room full of filing cabinets can now be a department’s new location. Due to collaborative or open-floor plan businesses, the average station for one employee decreased from 225-square feet to 150 in three years, according to a PHS Recordsmanagement press release.

“[Electronic] document storage is an ideal way to maximize the space you already have,” PHS managing director Anthony Pearlgood explained. “Storing your records offsite allows you to free up room in the workspace without having to discard important documentation.”

Optimizing office space with a digital storage system is a great way to gain more from your existing work space, instead of allowing filing cabinets to collect dust and waste valuable commercial space. Eventually, employees will spend less time looking for work-related information. Within data processes, individuals can find the paperwork they are looking for by submitting information into the database’s search fields.

It may begin with changing the entire company’s document management system, but it can make a significant impact on budget sheets in the long-run.

London businesses experience higher commercial leases

With office spaces becoming hard to come by, some international corporations are considering opening an office in other areas, such as London.

International corporations are considering opening an office in London. Last year, spaces in buildings throughout the city brought in £14 billion in revenue. About two-thirds of business owners are considering moving outside of the area because landlords increased the price of their lease, reported a OnePoll study.

Before they consider giving up to these prospective businesses, they should see if data capture services work for them. Instead, 56 percent of respondents admit that they are allowing “large volumes of paper documents” to put a hole in their budget. For some reason, only 32 percent out of the 278 businesses OnePoll asked started integrating digital storage systems.

Organizations can easily change their records management software. The sooner staff members implement these technologies, the more efficient their day becomes. Future plans to relocate may no longer be an option if less money is spent on storage rooms or printing supplies.

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