How to make the most of direct mailings in 2014

January 7, 2014

Businesses may think online advertising is the next big thing, but with so many options to choose from, customers are able to ignore online banner ads and marketing emails. Meanwhile, physical mail volume is getting lighter because Americans are typically receiving catalogs and direct mail from retailers and organizations that they visit, meaning they are interested in the mail they receive.

Despite the fact that the U.S. Postal Service raised the price on stamps and other mailing services, it doesn’t mean that this method is irrelevant yet. There are still many benefits of direct mail marketing campaigns — in fact, it may be time to implement some new strategies to keep direct mailings around.

Instead of sending an universal flier to a customer, utilize information based on previous purchases. If online marketers are using purchase and search engine history to reel others in, direct mailers can do the same. Taking time to “mail smarter” has great potential, Forbes Magazine contributor Lois Geller explained.

“Direct Mail has always worked best when it’s personal and targeted to the right person and it’ll make a comeback,” she wrote.

Unlike personalized mailings which may be addressed to the recipient, personal mailings are filled with content that is relevant to the individual, saving the client time and increasing their likelihood to buy. It may seem like a surprise to know that Americans are still waiting for direct mailings, but when they pay for newspaper or magazine subscriptions, this is your business’ chance.

Geller also added that those who still utilize mail are older, and less willing to adopt newer methods of communication. Because many consumers in this age group have a lot of savings to go through, they are more likely to send in a check or fax an order they see from a catalog than other shoppers because they read everything that comes across their mailbox, which makes for a great opportunity to start mailing advertisements.

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