How law firms can organize incoming data processes

September 16, 2013

Lawyers spend large portions of their day pouring through evidence and testimony, trying to form valid arguments for their cases. However, many of these paper-based files can create a mess on their desks. There are other methods to gather and analyze this same information, such as through the support of a database management services.

“You really have to get in the 21st century and start reviewing documents natively,” Stephen Holmes, chief administrator at a Hawaii-based firm, told BizTech Magazine.

Instead of organizing memos, contracts and settlements into a shared file drive or email system, which can take up a lot of room in the law firm’s network, organizations could also be slowing down operations for everyone at the office. Law offices can find more use out of an electronic records management system, which allows these documents to be in one central location, according to FindLaw. Similar to a shared drive, email inboxes can fill up too quickly.

These platforms have data entry fields available for coworkers to fill out. Depending on an employee’s security clearance, he or she is able to see the brief and the steps taken to build the client’s case. With the click of a button, staffers can switch from one case to another. On top of that, the software saves the firm money from printing unnecessary documents.

What executives have to keep in mind is they should find an electronic records management system that works best for their firm because there are many management vendors out there.

“It’s incredibly customizable in terms of what sets of data you want to look at,” Jordon Kimura, a litigation associate explained to BizTech.

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