How double key data entry can help create accurate digital documents

March 29, 2013

Many businesses are beginning the process of using digital documents instead of paper based forms. Going digital can reduce database security risks, optimize office space, and more. In order to go completely electronic, however, companies with high levels of data on paper records – such as surveys or other forms –  must also bring these into the digital realm. While this makes processes more efficient in the long run, with less physical paper storage needed and more secure documents, getting to this state can be a challenge and is one reason many companies outsource to data entry services. In particular, when importing specific data, forms processing services can make sure this data is entered correctly by using double key data entry to minimize errors. When two different versions of the data entered and compared with double data entry, these services can digitize information with the highest level of accuracy.

The way double key data entry works is that when a service receives the documents, project managers divide the files into batches after discussing with the client the specifics of the project, and how it will be organized. Then, two different teams take the same documents to digitize the information using the same process, creating two different files. The files are then compared through software to find any mistakes or inaccuracies, and fixed accordingly. Then, after compared, a quality check is done before the final output is made.

The benefits of using double key data entry is its minimization of errors – for businesses with a high volume of documents that cannot afford to have any mistakes, having two teams can add double the accuracy.

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