How crucial is workflow to a business?

March 26, 2014

business processes automation

Workflow is yet another buzzword that has leaked into the sphere of our work environments and it is gaining more significance in our lives every day. But, just what is workflow we ask ourselves? Workflow is a word that describes tasks, steps, and tools involved in various business processes. The importance of workflow is that an efficient one can automate or streamline day-to-day tasks as much as possible. The reason is that this can eliminate or greatly decrease margin for error, increase productivity and decrease opportunity cost.

A workflow process can be created to handle something like a work order. A business has configured the system to route all new preventive maintenance work orders that are generated through the preventive maintenance work order into a workflow process. The first step the work order would go through would be evaluation, prioritizing, etc. The same goes for any other common business process that we encounter. They all must go through steps in order to achieve a desired output and the more standardized and automated the workflow process can be the quicker it will be completed.

“Automating a workflow can help manage the day-to-day business processes as it relates to capturing key information, analyzing the data and storing it for easy retrieval” –Xerox 2014.With the technology that we have been afforded today the level of workflow automation we can achieve is higher than ever. A vital workflow that Tab Service Company can help you with is various paper workflow efforts. Whether they be invoices, work-orders, correspondence, legal documents we can help coordinate a way to get them through the proper steps with digital media and data capture software. Our enterprise content management system is equipped with a wide array of tools to help you achieve your goals to cut costs and cut down processing time.


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