How banks can improve records management

July 11, 2013

Much of a bank teller's workload requires a lot of manual data entry to submit information. This time consuming process can be detrimental to the bank if there are missing documents when it is time for an audit.

If financial institutions considered switching from managing deposits by hand to a bulk scanning service that can place all of their information on a user-friendly cloud, they will be able to have all their information they need at one place at the same time.

Tellers and auditors will be able to maintain other work-related tasks that have not received so much attention due to their daily checklist of going through the automated clearing house (ACH), remote deposits and other forms, according to Bank Tech. 

With a records management system in place "a bank can easily create its master agreements in the office, eliminating the need to enter the same information multiple times," author Joe Pitzo of Wausau Financial Systems wrote.

Going digital makes it easier for tellers to regularly update bank statements and a customer's information. Instead of wasting time trying to decipher a person's handwriting, reading a font from a screen will only streamline their workflow. This long-term change will make it easier to meet quarterly and annual audit goals because there will be less errors in their data and reducing excess paper in the office.

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