Going paperless gives offices more flexibility, one veterinarian finds

December 31, 2012

For most paperless medical offices, the switch to digital files is for environmental or efficiency reasons. But another advantage of avoiding paper documents is the ability to create an office in unlikely places and set up business anywhere, as one veterinarian found out when she opened her mobile clinic.

According to the Topeka Capital Journal, Patricia Schroeder was planning on opening up her own practice when she graduated from Kansas State’s veterinary school in 2005. However, the expenses of operating out of a physical building were too expensive so Schroeder decided to create a mobile clinic instead. While she still has some supplies at her home for patients who prefer to come to her, everything needed for All Around Veterinary Service, including surgical and sonogram equipment, are stored in her trailer.

But one key to having a mobile practice is keeping digital records of her patients’ documents.

“I have everything I need right with me when I travel to a patient,” she told the news source. “…It’s all paperless. Everything is done digital[ly] and recorded on the computer.”

Schroeder had worked as a veterinary technician before opening her own practice, and is aware of the necessities to building a mobile clinic. And since she and most of her clients live in a rural area, this paperless veterinary practice is able to serve customers who aren’t able to make it to distant locations to see a veterinarian.

Many offices are allowing employees to work from home or bring their own device to work to cut back on costs. And as All Around Veterinary Service shows, having documents recorded electronically allows an office more flexibility regarding its physical location.

For any business – mobile or not – looking to go digital, document scanning services can digitize documents in an efficient and organized way and make a smooth transition.

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