Employees in a paperless office explain how they do it

June 18, 2013

As easy as it might seem to create a paperless office, relying instead of emails, laptops and tablets for communication and document exchanging, few companies are actually completely paperless. However, one company was able to become all-digital, and andmail.com/technology/tech-news/how-one-company-went-completely-paperless/article12522284/#dashboard/follows/” target=”_blank”>explained to the Global Mail how they did it. 

Idea Rebel, a digital agency based out of Vancouver, began as a paperless office. The owner explained that when the businesses launched in 2008, there was no printer in the office to force employee adoption to the electronic practices. Staff members have a desktop and iPad to take notes on, and the company uses e-signatures when signing contracts. Pay stubs are emailed and designers have especially large computer screens to avoid having to print out large sheets of paper. If an employee brings in a pad of paper, they have to bring it home with them as well at the end of the day. 

While the intention originally was to reduce the company's carbon footprint, founder Jamie Garratt said that Idea Rebel has seen a number of other benefits as well. 

"It's unbelievable how fast things move," Garratt told the news source. "When a document is finished it gets posted and the client can see it within seconds and make revisions just as quickly. It would take weeks if we had to print and show them everything."

While there is some printing in the office now, employees are given reports each month of how much they printed, and what this represents environmentally. 

In order to fully go paperless, and achieve the benefits that Idea Rebel and others have found, partnering with a document scanning service can help. Bulk scanning services can not only efficiently scan all documents, but make the text searchable as well, so offices have fully usable digital documents to work with.

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