Document scanning services can help small businesses prepare for the new tax year

May 30, 2013

Many businesses that have made the plan to go paperless have likely found that this goal is more difficult to achieve than originally thought. While paper use is slowly decreasing, most companies still use high volumes and are decreasing their reliance much more slowly than anticipated.

For small businesses, it can be difficult to go digital if many of the documents coming in are on paper. However, one Businesses 2 Community article gives some tips to help offices at least begin the process so when paper documents come in, digitizing them with high-volume scanning services in is more achievable.

First, author Ali Aldrich says, find what documents your company rarely uses. For files that haven’t been touched in a few years, depending on the industry, consider archiving or disposing of these documents. This way, when it comes time to digitize all documents, a business can cut down on the volume.

Additionally, since time is such a big part of any business, bulk scanning services can also help offices turn digital quickly. These high-volume document scanning services use high-tech scanners that most small businesses don’t need to invest in, so documents, even handwritten documents, can be high-quality as well as searchable.

Lastly, Aldrich says to create a system to organize all electronic files so that during the scanning process, information can be easily found but also secure. With digital files, it’s much easier for businesses to destroy, find and secure information.

“The key takeaway is that electronic files are easier to access and store than paper documents, which makes staying organized less challenging for small businesses,” she writes.

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