Document management needs strong data security

July 1, 2013

Businesses see the benefits of going paperless with document storage systems but neglect to make the investment to protect their sensitive documents. Based on Gartner’s Worldwide IT Spending Forecast, there will be limited growth in IT spending between 2014 through 2017, Even though there is potential with technology like mobility, analytics or the clouds.

“Business leaders tell us they recognize the need to invest in e-commerce, mobile, cloud, social and other major technology categories, and the capabilities they enable,” Gartner’s Spending Report co-author Mark Raskino said in the study. “That can’t be done from within existing IT budgets alone.”

Nonetheless, it is still important to take the proper data security measures to protect data processes. It takes more than hiding sensitive messages behind encrypted computers and firewalls. Each individual at the office has to do their part to enforce data security measures to create a safe, digital environment.

This is not to say that companies do not use informational technology a part of their routine. Fifty two percent of organizations have some sort of digital strategy and 19 percent of respondents hope to have a chief data officer by 2014, according to CMS Wire.

Employees must be educated on how to properly disposed of this information if it is no longer important to keep on file. This responsibility should be given to specific individuals, restricting access reinforces the point of keeping paperwork safe. In some cases, this task is outsourced to professionals with experience in disposing of confidential information.

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