Delta flight kits transferred onto Microsoft Surface tablets

October 14, 2013

Electronic data processes will become a larger part of Delta Airlines through its latest initiative: eliminating paper flight kits. About 11,000 pilots will be able to and-get-surface-2-tablets” target=”_blank”>use Microsoft's updated Surface 2 tablet, which allows pilots to look at applications side-by-side to review updated weather information, according to WinBeta, Microsoft's blog.

The new program is also an eco-friendly alternative, saving about 900 trees and 38 pounds per flight. Delta hopes that cockpits will be entirely paper free by 2014, Delta's press release explained. Though 38 pounds per flight may not sound like much, it can potentially save the company $13 million per year on jet fuel costs.

Delta is one of five American airline companies that have implemented similar solutions, but chose to collaborate with Microsoft specifically because "its potential for improving communication beyond the flight deck," Delta's Senior VP Captain Steve Dickson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"This intuitive device puts key information at our pilots' fingertips right when they need it,"  Dickson said. "By eliminating paper, we'll reduce clutter and minimize time spent looking for flight information, allowing our pilots the opportunity to develop greater situational awareness in the air and on the ground."

On top of that, flight attendants will be able to complete credit card point-of-sale purchases through Nokia's Lumia 820, which also runs on Microsoft's software. Flight attendants will also be able to access upcoming flight information and seat upgrades. 

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