Data processes need to be more customized for users

November 20, 2013

Prior to tablets, laptops and smartphone devices, business owners would purchase software with predetermined capabilities. Some aspects of the program would not be applicable with their operations, but these business owners were obligated to keep these services because "technology was purchased by a select few, and the technology was bought for the company," Harvard Business Review contributor Aaron Levie writes.

The fast track that technology has taken in the past five to 10 years has caused business to ditch these measures, as a more ad-hoc approach has taken over for companies and organizations. At first, this shook up many providers because "IT organizations retained nearly complete control of the technology architecture, and with little to challenge them," Levie added.

Vendors that allowed applications to work together despite mixing-and-matching found more success. An example of a one-size mishap is the website, where large projects might be operating with out-of-date systems by the time implementation is complete. 

Neglecting to work around industry changes may impact a document management company's future. Because they no longer have the advantage: employees who are using multiple devices and programs do. Because of this shift, business owners need to offer secure data capture services. This capability allows staffers to complete tasks outside of the office, without compromising the organization's sensitive material.

This availability is important to workers because they feel it is important to be able to streamline between personal and professional data with ease.

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