Data Driven Advertisements Increase

April 2, 2015

data driven advertising

The marketing industry strengthens data driven targeting with new advents in big data analytics. No wonder the marketing industry is doing so well.  In a time with frequent advances in technology and ever-changing trends, companies must be quick to adapt and accurately forecast future markets. This new availability of technology and data collection services enables businesses to achieve their goals quickly and with higher cost benefits than before. This is why we see so many surveys online and in the mail.  There are no limits to which sectors can benefit: we see surveys ranging from clothing retailers to healthcare providers. What is the purpose of all these questions that are being thrown at us?  It allows companies to define current trends/demands and determine how they need to change to meet new ones. We all agree that data driven marketing is not a novel idea but, the channels in which we are able to reach out and collect the information is rapidly changing. Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recently released results from a survey they conducted on data driven advertising.  The results revealed that companies are increasingly optimistic about data driven advertising efforts. “(82%) of respondents reported they increased or maintained their data-driven marketing spend in Q4 of 2014, while 84% plan to invest more resources in related digital technologies this year.” (Advertising Specialty Institute). Factors behind increases in data driven marketing campaigns:

  • Growing interest in the digital approach
  • More budget flexibility
  • Greater availability of technology

Tab Service Company is a key provider for survey data processing services.  While most marketing companies are not adequately staffed to facilitate large mailing campaigns, design/host online surveys, store and aggregate big data— we are. If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you in your data marketing campaigns, contact a representative at (312) 527-4306. Tab Service Company is a Chicago based company with over 54 years of experience as a data processing service provider. We provide business with outsourcing solutions for document scanning servicesdata entry services and mailing/lettershop services. As an SOC2-approved organization, we apply industry-best practices to our approach with clients.