Colorado tech companies safely store database management services

September 13, 2013

It may not be Silicon Valley, but Boulder, Colorado was ranked first in the United States for its “high-tech startup density,” by the Kaufmann Foundation. This week, the city experienced three consecutive days of rainfall, and emergency responders urged businesses to close their doors to protect themselves from further harm.

However, thanks to the power of cloud-based data storage processes, many of the area’s tech companies are able to continue working without fearing that their data will be compromised by the natural disaster, according to Computer World.

“We’re uniquely position to be able to handle this thing quite well,” Dave DuPont, CEO of TeamSnap, a company focused on organizing sports teams, told the news source. “That’s the way it is for most [Internet-based or tech] companies that do what we do.”

Due to the fact that many of these businesses have their database management services live on a server makes it possible for workers to access the information. All it takes is internet access, which was an issue for some staffers who lost electricity during the storm.

Even though the residential parts of Boulder saw almost seven inches of rain, downtown Boulder did not report any significant damages, according to NBC News. However, if the rain continues to weigh down on local creeks and streams, the situation may change.

Nonetheless, thanks to cloud-based data storage, these organizations are confident that once the storm is over, they will have no problem getting back to work.

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