Civil cases in Illinois town can be electronically processed

September 18, 2013

In Illinois, public agencies in many counties are working toward improving their database management services. Earlier this year, the Springfield Police Department began implementing its electronic document management system. Now, the McHenry County Courthouse in Woodstock will be using an electronic document filing system for civil court cases, according to the Northwest Herald.

“It makes the court system much more efficient in the long run,” Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe told the news source. “More efficient for the court, more efficient for the users of the court, and ultimately it will save the taxpayers money as it simplifies our workload.”

McHenry is the sixth county in the state to launch the new data processes. One of the organization’s goals is to shorten lines at the courthouse. Individuals who choose to represent themselves are now able to file this information in the mail, online or in person. On a regular basis, McHenry County Circuit clerks are data scanning more than 550,000 a year. Previously, once the document was entered into the system, people had to wait until it was available for viewing.

Not only is the new program extremely helpful, but it will cost McHenry virtually nothing because the $15,000 maintenance fee will be covered by court fees. Those interested in using the electronic document filing system have to register through the state’s program that hosts these files. Circuit clerk Keefe hopes to eventually roll out filing for criminal cases, but does not expect that to happen for a while because the Illinois Supreme Court did have a similar system in place for “quite some time.”

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