CIOs may have less control in data processes by 2015

September 10, 2013

Insurance Document Management

Due to the invention of many programs, applications and gadgets, executives of many businesses are beginning to think they understand information technology. However, many of the programs they use at home are not the same systems they will use in a professional setting.

Nonetheless, executives are getting increasingly involved with their IT departments, even though a survey from Forrester found that 62 percent of global sourcing executives believe they lack the skills to implement these changes within their company. In addition, Gartner's Outsourcing Summit also presented some findings that could hurt the progress of many companies and their IT departments. 

Analysts at Gartner's summit found that in 2013, about 25 percent of IT budgets are controlled by senior staffers, even though 70 percent of the IT budget is spent on running the business. With technology ever-evolving, chief information officers (CIOs) need to convince executives that spending 30 of the company budget on changing the organization is not enough.

This is no time for CIOs and executives to be working against one another. If these changes are going to happen across the board, CIOs should have their input on specific database management services. After all, the IT department will be the one training the other employees on the new software systems.

"IT sourcing departments need to be proactive rather than reactive," Frank Ridder, a Gartner analyst told Computer Weekly. "They should keep an eye on trends and be a risk steward."

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