Chicago Sun-Times works to become digital paper

March 20, 2013

Publications around the world are struggling to adapt to the move into the digital world. Newsweek printed its last issue at the end of 2012, and many are trying to find a balance between charging for customers and losing subscribers, including The Daily, which shut down last year as well.

Now, the Chicago Suns-Times is added to the list. reported this month that Wrapports, the company that owns the paper, has been making major changes to turn the paper into a “multifaceted print and digital media company.” This includes acquiring other publications, moving offices to more centralized locations and possibly, purchasing the Chicago Tribune. Wrapports has also offered new digital publication services, including a video report.

During this time, digital subscriptions for both the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times have risen significantly – more than three times for the Sun-Times – while paper subscriptions are slowly decreasing. As a result, “It’s counting on distributing content over an expanded digital platform to offset its declining print business,” the article said.

The Sun-Times and the Tribune are by no means the only major newspapers trying to make it in the digital world. Even businesses that don’t have a daily paper are also turning to all digital systems, and using scanning systems to help turn their paper files into digital documents quickly and efficiently.

In order for a newspaper to offer readers a digital experience, having past articles and other information can also entice readers to become subscribers. For the Sun-Times, or other Chicago-based papers, Chicago document scanning services can help – importing and scanning documents to help businesses become digital even faster.

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