Chicago Lawyer’s Legal Tech Update features Tab Service

July 3, 2014

Recently, Tab Service Company was featured in the Chicago Lawyer magazine.  The Chicago Lawyer publication is devoted to presenting current events, surveys on attorneys, law firms, and confronts major issues that affect the city’s legal community.  The Legal Technology Update is a once a year issue for Chicago Lawyer that gives thought leaders in the technology sector of the legal industry a chance to share their information and professional experience. The piece released by Tab Service Company’s marketing department touched on some value points for legal business process outsourcing.  Although the company retains a varietal menu of outsourcing services there is one in particular that it excels at; legal administrative tasks or legal BPO (scanning, printing, bates numbering, legal coding…,). Here are some ways how Tab Service Company has helped firms looking beyond their walls:

  • Eliminates opportunity cost
  • High quality output
  • Specialized and experienced clerks
  • Quick turnaround rates

Another important aspect the publication addresses is dispelling some misconceptions on which industries and what size businesses are appropriate for BPO usage.

“Recent data shows how what used to be a common practice for large corporations is gaining popularity among small- to mid-sized entities. In fact, one vendor claimed that 78 percent of its respondents said that outside help continues to make them more competitive in their respective fields ( CNN Money 2013).” – LTU Chicago Lawyer 2014 (Click Chicago Lawyer for complete article) 

The business process outsourcing industry has drastically transformed from is roots in HR and payroll service to encompass a wide spectrum of specialties. Moreover, it is the commercial production technology that has increased the automation and productivity at which BPO firms can complete the grueling administrative tasks the many organizations face. Visiting our Litigation Scanning and support page here for a complete list of our services.