CEOs slow to change their data processes

August 16, 2013

Transitioning to a new database management service takes time, so getting started sooner is better than later. However, chief executive officers (CEOs) would rather appoint an information technology department to complete these changes for them.

Personally, many of them agree with a previous Harvard Business Review article about data management practices.

“For a brief period, as they were being built into the infrastructure of commerce, all these technologies opened opportunities for forward-looking companies to gain real advantages,” author Nicholas Carr wrote. “But as their availability increased and their cost decreased—as they became ubiquitous—they became commodity inputs.”

Each time a chief information officer (CIO) tries to help CEOs understand how these new applications work, they refer to Carr’s article and remind them that these changes are strictly for the business. However, slow returns on investments happen 27 percent of the time and unbalanced budgets occur 53 percent of the time, which will cause them to quickly address their concerns to the chief financial officer (CFO), according to the Harvard Business Review.

This is why it is important for new and seasoned business owners to understand that the effort to change their data entry services has to be an all-around effort. Different offices within a company will be reluctant to switch their data management practices because they know it is not a required transition. Even so, other departments could be saving time completing daily tasks using these technologies.

The fact of the matter is, these platforms do not show any signs of slowing down in any industry. CEOs can argue that digitizing their records may put their clients’ information at risk, but there are more ways to protect them than ever with firewalls and encrypted files. Part of that is the responsibility of the IT department, but the CEO needs to know how to navigate these networks as well.

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