BYOD ‘boom’ expected in 2016

May 7, 2013

We've written a few times about the growing trend of bring your own device – or "BYOD" – in schools and workplaces. As owning a smartphone or tablet becomes more common, schools and employers are asking students and workers to bring in their own devices to use. One of the biggest advantages behind this practice is that it allows both offices to cut back on spending and workers to use the tool they are most comfortable with. 

While this practice is far from being the norm in most offices – only about 22 percent of CIOs have a "strong business case" for BYOD – a recent survey by Gartner found that BYOD is expected to "boom" by 2016. By that year, more than a third of organizations are expected to have stopped giving their employees devices, and by 2017, more than half are expected to do so. Instead, employers will likely have workers to use their own to complete any work on. 

While there are still some questions about how BYOD should be handed, such as security issues and if an employer is expected to fully or partially fund a device, it's clear that this approach isn't going anywhere. To prepare, businesses can partner with a document scanning service to bring all documents to a digital form since most work and communication will be done online. As more offices rely on mobile technology to do business, having electronic documents will be vital, and bulk scanning services can help companies achieve this.

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