Brown University goes paperless with online payroll system

April 1, 2013

Like the majority of their Ivy-League bretheren, Brown University officials pride themselves on being forward-thinking individuals with a mind for innovation. Many have looked to capitalize on evolving technology, shutting no department off from enjoying the benefits of such advancements. Now, the school’s payroll department will be enjoying them as well with an automated electronic payroll system which will eliminate massive amounts of paper in the office.

According to an article in The Brown Daily Herald, the university completed its shift to its electronic solution. The new digital payroll system will offer a number of advantages, including 24-hour access, but the primary benefits lie in the mitigation of paper as a necessity in the department. Instead of printing a number of pertinent documents in a manner that compromises environmental integrity and workplace efficiency, information can be accessed online.

Elizabeth Warner, director of compensation and organizational services, wrote an email to the news source recently outlining the details of the new system.

“Student workers have the ability to view payroll information, make direct deposit elections and federal withholding elections and submit hours worked,” Warner wrote. “Many paper-driven labor-intensive business processes [will be automated] making it easier and faster to submit and track payroll information.”

Brown considers itself a leader in the academic sector, so it is likely more institutions will follow suit. While doing so will allow organizations to reap a tremendous number of rewards, it will also require a considerable amount of work in order to be successful. Data entry and document scanning are just two of the many necessary actions needed to ensure a switch to a paperless digital payroll system delivers a strong return on investment. Working with a data processing services and document scanning company will allow organizations to properly manage the transition.

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