Benefits of pressure seal forms

March 13, 2013

With so many changes in the U.S. Postal Service recently, companies that rely on the mail may soon see some challenges, if they haven’t already. The USPS announced that Saturday mail would be ending in August, and the prices of stamps for both first-class mail and postcards rose by a cent in January. While these changes may not effect those that send one or two items a year, for businesses that sent out thousands or millions of pieces of mail regularly, there are a number of options to make mailings more affordable and efficient, like pressure seal forms.

For businesses that often send invoices, checks or notices, pressure seal mailers can be used to cut back on time preparing as well as the materials needed. With a pressure seal paper form, the paper that is sent out is also the envelope. The forms are sealed with a pressure folder sealer, which seals the envelope with the glue bar on the paper. Forms processing services can also help businesses prepare pressure seal checks and other important documents.

There are a variety of industries that would benefit from using pressure seal forms. Companies in the medical or insurance industries often use these forms to send invoices to customers, especially since businesses often have a large volume of mail to send.

Pressure seal forms are also particularly beneficial to those that send paper checks, including paychecks, tax refunds or federal benefits. Forms can include “blockouts,” or black marks, to obstruct what is written inside and add another level of security for forms sent through the mail.

Lastly, another industry that benefits from pressure seal forms is schools and educators. When sending out report cards, class schedules or invoices, pressure seal paper forms can ensure that information is secure and remain confidential when sent to recipients.

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