Benefits of outsourcing to a document scanning service

April 9, 2013

For many businesses that have high volumes of paper and are looking to go electronic, document scanning services can help digitize paper quickly and efficiently. Scanning business documents often helps customers save money, since spending time or hiring new employees for this process would be more expensive. There are many reasons that businesses choose to outsource their document scanning services other than improving the bottom line.

Often times, a bulk scanning service has tools that other offices may not, including the ability to index information, or making data on a document searchable and readable when its uploaded. With scanning services’ manual or automatic data entry, customers are able to use their digital documents for the same purpose as when they were on paper, a feature just an uploaded image does not have.

Additionally, a bulk scanning service often uses double key data entry, which is when they manually keying index or form data twice to ensure that highest amount of accuracy. Two teams key the information and then compare/QC process locates miskeyed data. This is a practice in-house often operations often lack experience with.

By outsourcing document scanning services, you also gain the ability to fix up and alter the images of the documents. The PSI:Capture, for example, is a scanning software that can remove three-hole punch marks and borders on documents. The software can also fix individual pages in large projects, so clients aren’t required to go back through each page to ensure that everything is, for example, facing the same direction or sized correctly.

And then, of course, timing. Some businesses spend years turning paper into electronic form, forcing those using the records to adjust accordingly. Since most businesses save money when they go digital, the faster the process takes, the more savings can come out of it.

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