As data collection grows, so does the need for records management

June 28, 2013

With the increase in the amount of data that businesses use, due to Big Data technologies and the ability to track more information, comes another necessity: the ability to keep track of this data. According to a recent AIIM blog post, companies are working not just on gaining this data in the first place, but on how to manage and protect files.

The post cited a study from last year that found that CIOs will outpace CMOs in IT spending by 2017. This trend, author Dave Martin, the vice president of product marketing at Gimmal Group explained, are seeing records management systems as a solution that needs to be invested in. By having a strong records management system in place, business going forward can focus not on new records or documents, but on using the actual information from these records.

“The information systems are in place, there is going to be very little new spend on infrastructure, and demands are coming in from the CIO’s constituents to do more with that infrastructure. CIOs now want ‘solutions’ that integrate with their existing infrastructure and resolve the problems of their constituents. And based on this new development, I think some folks in the records realm have gotten smart.”

As businesses see the benefits of having strong records management systems, more may begin to transition to a paperless office. By working with a bulk scanning service, companies can set up an efficient and organized records management system that will allow businesses to focus on the data and information itself, instead of the documents.

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