Additional scanning help brought in for Ohio court recorder

March 18, 2013

Most businesses these days are either working in an all or nearly all digital office, or trying to make the transition to a digital office. The document digitization process is easier for some than it is for others, depending on the size and history of a business, as well as how much paper is commonly used. Since some use paper more than others, help, such as in the form of document scanning services or new employees, needs to be brought in.

This was the case for the┬áColumbiana County Recorder’s Office in Lisbon, Ohio this month. According to the Salem News, there were 10 months worth of documents that needed to be scanned at the beginning of the year. Thanks to volunteers and donated scanners, the office may be ready by April.

“[Recorder Theresa]┬áBosel, who took office in January, said she was faced with a backlog of documents dating back to July that need [to be] recorded, mostly due to the shale gas leasing frenzy underway in the county, and little money to address the problem,” the news source read.

The Columbiana County Recorder’s Office, instead of using a bulk scanning service, hired an additional employee that had formerly been laid off to help bring the documents up to speed. While this worked for the courthouse, other offices may not be as fortunate to be able to hire an additional worker, or may have significantly more paper that is too much for a single person. In this case, document scanning services can help. Further, the equipment used by these services often includes more options, such as indexing or better quality images, than that of an office scanner.

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