Accountants hesitant to use a document management system

July 3, 2013

Throughout the years, technology has become a larger part of our lives. It has improved productivity in many work environments. Accountants especially are able to use computers to sort and store confidential information. However, these files begin to take up a lot of room in their offices by the end of the fiscal year.

Instead of hiding information in cabinets full of folders, accounting firms should consider a digital records management system. Accountants will still be able to access their forms on a separate server. Document management goes beyond just moving intelligence elsewhere—it  should make work easier.

“Accountants must move beyond thinking about document management as document storage, and focus instead on efficient collaboration,” Andrew Bailey told Accounting Today. “If an accountant can handle a client query in a minute instead of an hour, it makes them more efficient and the client happier.”

Think about it. If accountants do not have portfolios of information scattered throughout their office, this reduces the chances of leaking private material. As Brian Stork, VP of application development at Drake Software told Accounting Today, “[Firms] simply can’t be as agile in a paper world.”

Accountants aren’t alone in regards to their dependency on paper records. Medical facilities throughout the country are trying to resist the change to a digital records management system. A proper records management team will make sure that the switch works for their specific team.

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