New Jersey school district changes records management

September 20, 2013

Many communities across the United States are increasing the use of technology in classrooms, but some New Jersey staffers realized these programs can benefit their administrative tasks as well. In Salem County, two schools have started to change their data processes, and are reducing the use of paper applications, according to the South Jersey Times.

In turn, faculty are more equipped to address the technology with their students because it has become a large part of their daily workflow. Because these teachers are more aware of how to use the technology, they are better able to answer questions and present applications that will help them in many subject areas.

School board members at Salem County will be able to update the agenda without printing a brand new copy because each person has his or her own iPad to take notes and save memos on. Through the database management service, documents can be shared within the network and sent to their email accounts.

"There's certainly a cost to the iPads, but there's a reduction in paper use as well as in time needed to put together paper agendas," Pennsville superintendent Michael Brodzik told the source. "It's a lot easier to update the agendas if a change has to be made, as opposed to paper forms that we would have to hand deliver."

However, Pittsgrove superintendent Henry Bermann understands that they are unable to provide electronics to each attendee at their school board meetings. That district operated on digitized documents for more than seven years.

"We still have paper agendas provided for the public, but the rest of it is online," Bermann explained. "We use a service that provides the internal structure, and it is robust in moving us along."

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