How hotels can improve their hospitality strategies

July 25, 2013

Before a guest checks into a room, the inn, hotel or resort already knows a few things about the visiting individual, like length or potential reasons for their stay and preferred amenities.

From there, hoteliers can tailor the customer experience toward their requests to provide excellent service. Oftentimes, hotel managers neglect to communicate with their record managers because they work on different floors, away from the public eye, according to 4 Hoteliers, a hospitality blog.

How can hotels sort this vast amount of knowledge? One way is to track when traffic on the hotel or resort's website is higher than average, following their clicks can give staff insight on upcoming requests. Where the data is trending overtime can serve as a strength and weakness analysis, according to Tnooz, a travel technology blog.

It doesn't hurt to see what people are saying on third-party bookings or travel websites because public searches have the potential to hold a lot of influence. Search engines, notably Google accounts for 70 percent of overall searches.

Regularly scan surveys to see what feedback guests left online or on comment cards. Scanner services will be able to catch common keywords and sort what people have said into their record management software. Their assessment of the hospitality they received will be filled with quantitative, scale-based and qualitative, opinion-based findings.

If it has been a while since the inn, hotel or resort has coordinated all these forms of information together, a document scanning company can assist your facility to find the information you need to improve upcoming visits. They are also able to securely protect confidential information on a cloud, so it can be accessed from many parts of the hotel.

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