Barclays Bank rolls out broad, database management service

September 27, 2013

Many in the business world tend to not mix their work and personal lives because they are two different aspects of their lives. This is often the case with work-related documents, which are meant to stay within a company’s walls or servers. However, if there was a digital document storage service that allowed containment of these files in one location, would you do it?

At the Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom, customers will now be able to upload personal and bank account information into its cloud-based data processing system, according to Computer World UK. In order to enroll in this program, customers have to log into their online banking account and input tags to organize the data that is added into the system.

The Barclays’ implemented this digital document storage service because it allows customers to “do away with drawers full of paperwork,” serving as an “online deposit box,” FinExtra reported. At this time, customers can use as much bandwidth online as needed because this service is intended to simplify information management with bills, statements and even passport information.

“We all have so many bits of paper, documents and files floating around these days that it often feels like we need an extra spare room to house them all,” Ashok Vaswani, chief executive of Barclays Retail and Business Banking, told TechWorld. “Chances are when you need to get hold of a document at the office, you will have filed it at home somewhere, if you can remember where you put it in the first place.”

As a way to keep the server safe from potential data breaches or viruses, each file will go through bulk scanning beforehand. Documents that are linked to malware or spam will be deleted immediately. Customers can set reminder alerts on their bank account as well, informing them about specific deadlines like renewing his or her driver’s license, for example. Alerts will be sent to the user’s email address or cell phone in a text message.

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