Electronic Medical Record Scanning

In the hospital industry sound information management is crucial.

Electronic medical records will improve patient care

Electronic Medical Record Scanning – There are tons of paper documents generated by patient records, resident training, and attending credentials that need to be securely filed and quickly retrieved. However a problem arises when there are large overwhelming amounts of paper which lead some documents to be misplaced and creates a time-consuming effort to locate them.

The digital imaging equipment and software that Tab Service deploys not only digitizes the hard records but also effectively captures data from paper forms to be uploaded into Electronic Medical Record systems (EMRs).

The benefits of a paperless medical record system. . .

Electronic Medical Record scanning does more than just improve the patient experience. It also saves thousands of healthcare providers countless hours of uploading data, bolsters safety by reducing errors, lowers costs of billing and filing claims, and allows physicians to focus on mission critical tasks. Furthermore, being able to collect a robust database for patients will allow doctors to track data over time and identify patients who are due for preventative care.

Tab Service Company can provide your organization with…

  • Document scanning & indexing
  • On-Demand Document Management System
  • Data Capture for EMR system uploads
  • Data Entry for non-fixed field forms
  • Secure document storage
  • Phone and email technical support
  • Secure document destruction

 Tab Service Company is a HIPAA compliant service vendor.

You do not need to deal with the pressure of medical record management alone. Call your Tab Service Company representative today to discuss options for streamlining and digitizing your medical records system. Tab has over 53 years of experience to propel your department by increasing productivity and easing stress.

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